Crafting Your Dream Brew While Brewing Real Change

Whether you are a brewing aficionado, just learning the craft, wanting to know where to start, or simply enjoy the flavors of craft beer, we’ve got what you want.

What’ll It Be?

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Taste 'n Learn

Our Taste 'n Learn experiences offer classes on how to start brewing, how to brew your favorite food flavors into your beer, how to diversify your brewing profile and more! Click the button below to see all of our offered Taste 'n Learn Courses.

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The Brewing Diversity ‘n Inclusion Fest is a traveling Beer festival that goes from city to city promoting craft beers, local brewers, and inclusivity and diversity in the craft brewing community. Come make friends and learn more about craft beer!

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Palate Profiling

Discover your own unique palate and learn how to profile flavors in beer styles & beer ingredients

What Do Brewing and Giving Back
Have To Do With Each Other?

Whether you’re just beginning or have been brewing for a while, we offer courses to meet you wherever you are on your craft beer brewing journey.

If you’re just starting and want to learn the basics, you can learn how to brew from home without purchasing any expensive equipment! All you need is the desire to learn, a stove top, a pot, and ingredients. We will guide you through the process with our first-hand experience and offer expertise on how you can safely, efficiently, and deliciously brew your own craft beer.

Even if you’ve been in the brewing game for a while, we can teach you how to diversify your beer palate, introduce new flavors, and develop new techniques to make your favorite beers even better. Have a dream flavor you’ve always wanted to try but didn’t quite know how to make it? Our courses can help you find that perfect taste that you’ve been looking for.

How Can You Improve Diversity and
Inclusion In The Craft Beer Community?

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