Join Our Mission

We want to give you the unique opportunity to be a part of something extraordinary with us that we’ve been dreaming about since our founder was 8 years old.

Since 2016 Bitches’n Brews has been engaged in diversity and inclusion in the brewing community. Our founder, Mikenzie Tavenner Hardman, started the company with an idea of inviting others to do things outside the box by seeing a female entrepreneur who doesn't fit the stereotypical mold of a brewer, beer drinker, entrepreneur in the craft brew community, while at the same time staying true to another deeper, more important component. That component being diversity within every community alongside every craft brew imaginable, and a movement that Tavenner-Hardman sets out to grow for years to come.

BNB offers a unique opportunity to connect your customers with a diversified and engaged audience providing an INclusive, trusted, and brand-safe environment with a reach of over 1Million +, through their diverse publications and programs on their Roku Channel, Festival Tour Schedule, Virtual and In-Person Workshops, as well our rapidly growing online follower base (*Website visitors, IG, FB, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, Untappd and more).

With our broad reach and collaboration capabilities we can emphasize your mission and values by allowing our audience to expand their horizons based on your chosen sponsorship of our wide variety of programs to choose from.

BNB offers diversity and inclusion workshops that invite diversity in brews - as well as people, beginning with creating your own beers from your favorite food flavors, and learning important life skills like zero waste cooking & composting, using fermentation for food preservation, beer & food pairings, creating household products like deodorant and cleaners, and collaborating with other entrepreneurs like yourself to create experiences that go far beyond words and images!