BDIF With Us

Come be different with us at our one of a kind beverage festival!

B.D.I.F - Brewing Diversity and Inclusion Fest

The Brewing Diversity and Inclusion Fest is a traveling beverage festival that moves from city to city. Come make friends, learn more about craft brewing, and collaborate with your local vendors!

Our first ever event will be in June 2023. Local brewers and vendors from all walks of life will be hosting their wares at this festival and bringing you the best your city has to offer! Enjoy new drinks with new friends or try your tried and true old favorites with old friends. The festival will be filled with connections, games, workshops, and, of course, drinks!

Bitches ‘n Brews is dedicated to making this event the first ever beverage festival that is dedicated to inclusion and diversity, and will feature many businesses owned by minorities in the brewing industry. This is a time where we, as a community, need to rally around all of our local owners no matter who they are or what they look like. In this spirit, every vendor will be vetted. We are not going to cancel anyone, but we are choosing to only work with vendors who are embracing diversity and are willing to learn and grow toward a more inclusive community.

Let's Play

We are introducing a brand new game that will be fully integrated with our event.

Play the game and you can:

  • Meet New Friends
  • Save Your Favorite Vendors
  • Earn Badges
  • Win Prizes

We have specifically designed this game to enhance your experience, give you a chance to truly connect with others and make friends, and to have a ton of fun at the festival! So let’s play!

Upcoming Festivals

June 2023-BDIF in Philly at the American Helicopter Museum!